Lucombe's Pine - Apple Tree

We have now stopped taking orders for the 2018/19 season.
We will be taking orders again for 2019/20 season from July onward.
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Lucombe's Pine is often favoured by growers for it's great juice. The resulting flavour is rich, aromatic and strongly acidic with slight suggestions of pineapple. It rippens to a golden yellow apple with russet flecks. Well suited for growing in the west of the country as it's resistant to apple scab.
This apple tree was orginally develped in Exeter by Lucombe and Pince during the mid 19th century.

  • Excellent for juice
  • Rich, Aromatic and strongly acidic
  • Slight hints of pineapple flavouring
  • Desease Resistant
  • Further Information:

    Pollination Group 4
    Cropping Pick October-Stores till February

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