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Annie Elizabeth is an old English variety raised c.1857 by Samuel Greatorex of Leicester. It makes an excellent stewing apple that keeps its shape when cooked and has a sweet, light flavour that requires little added sugar. It is an attractive apple that stores well and fruits are consistently healthy and blemish free. It has pretty ornamental blossom and it is known to be a fairly hardy tree, making it a popular choice in colder areas and further North. As a spur bearer it is also a good culinary variety for training as an espalier or cordon, so a good alternative to Bramley’s Seedling.

  • Spur bearer
  • Flowers are frost tolerant
  • Partially self-fertile
  • Sweeter alternative to Bramley
  • Attractive purple blossom
  • Further Information:

    Pollination Group 4
    Cropping Pick October-Stores until April

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